The services we offer encompass all aspects of:

  • Landlord and tenant management work
  • Leases and tenancy agreements
  • Rent deposit deeds
  • Advice and negotiation on rent reviews
  • Service charge issues
  • Licences to assign
  • Licences for alterations
  • Change of use
  • Extensions and renewals of existing leases
  • Preparation and service of notices under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  • Advising on dilapidation and wants of repair disputes
  • Enforcement, including the appointment of an LPA receiver
  • Possession proceedings
  • Landlord litigation, including forfeiture and S146 LPA 1925 Notices

We provide specialist advice for both landlords and tenants both in granting, as well as taking, leases. We cover all aspects of management work, including rent deposit deeds and changes of use. During the life of a tenancy, it is common for a number of management issues to arise such as rent reviews, service charge issues and extensions and renewals of leases.  There may also be requests for assignments, underlettings or alterations to be made to the property. We aim to conclude these matters as quickly and painlessly as possible for our clients and offer practical and timely advice.

Where there is a dispute, we understand that quick resolution is essential in order to protect your investment if you are a landlord and to protect your business, if you are a tenant. We are experienced in matters concerning dilapidations and wants of repair.

We provide landlords with strategies to enable them to deal effectively with tenants who fall behind with their rent or otherwise contravene provisions of their leases. A range of enforcement procedures are available and we are best placed to identify the method most suited to the situation at hand.

We also advise tenants on how to protect themselves against landlords who fail to act in accordance with their obligations under the lease. We provide peace of mind and a strong recommended course of action aimed at resolving these issues in the shortest possible time frame.

Whilst we aim to resolve or avoid disputes if at all possible, we acknowledge that sometimes litigation is unavoidable.  In those circumstances, we act in conjunction with our litigation department to provide the best possible cost-effective solution to our client’s problem.

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