We provide comprehensive advice in the following areas:

  • Landlord litigation
  • Tenant litigation
  • Possession proceedings (residential and commercial)
  • Dilapidations and wants of repair
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Commercial disputes

If at all possible, our first response is always to avoid litigation. We seek to do this, on our clients’ behalf, by careful negotiation, arbitration or mediation methods.

If it becomes clear that litigation is the only way forward, we are experienced in all landlord and tenant litigation areas, including s146 LPA 1925 forfeiture notices and applications for release from forfeiture. We also regularly act for clients in possession proceedings, relating to both residential and commercial property and are skilled in court actions relating to dilapidations and wants of repair issues.

We have acted for clients in the county court, High Court and various Tribunals. Although we view litigation as a last resort when all other ways of resolving a dispute have been exhausted, we regard ourselves as powerful and resourceful litigators. We understand our clients’ concerns regarding the costs of any litigation and, through regular updates and clear communication, we make sure that there are never any surprises.

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